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Last UpDate May 30th, 1998

May 30th, 1998
Quake 2 Version 3.15
Version 3.15 of Q2 released. Get the 1MB patch here.
May 29th, 1998
Eraser 0.991
Version 0.991 of the Eraser Bot has been released. It's supposed to be the last beta before V.1.0. A patch (needs 0.97 or higher) and the full version (1252 K) can be found on this page.
May 28th, 1998
JailBreak 2.0
JailBreak 2.0 released. It has 9.4 Megs for the Client Version plus 144 K for the Server-DLL. The DLL and the client- pack may be found here. Notice: As this file is REALLY big, it will be there just for a limited time, right until Wednesday, the 3rd of June, 12 p.m.
May 26th, 1998
Counter reset
We set our counter back to zero, as the number was getting too long!
Menu workaround
Renewed the menu. The old one looked kinda cheap ;)
May 18th, 1998
Air Quake II
Added Air Quake II , version 0.20a to our sources. It enables you to fly Airplanes using the Q2- Engine and features Dogfights.
Hit the 500!
Yeah! You did it! You guys visited our page more than 500 times! Thanx.
May 15th, 1998
Sources renewed
It took some time, but our sources- site is now renewed. No more dead links, no more unexisting files.
Eraser 0.99 Beta
The patch for Eraser 0.97/0.98 to version 0.99 has been added to our sources- site - finally! It's really difficult to download files from impact.
id mirror problems
The id mirrors don't seem to function, we'll have to remove them. Sorry.
May 07th, 1998
Jailbreak 1.7(b) added
For all users of Jailbreak 1.5: The patches to version 1.7(client) and 1.7b(server) have been added to our sources- site. Note: They are the newest version, but you may have them anyway, as they are rather old. Check your versions first.
id mirror
Sascha Kettler has got an id - software mirror where you find everything concerning quake 2 that you find at id's. Click here for ftp or here for http.
May 06th, 1998
Eraser 0.98
Version 0.98 patch released, requieres version 0.97. On our sources-site.
Eraser 0.97
Version 0.97 added to our sources-site. You'll find both a patch from 0.96 and a full install- version.
Back in the U.K.
Yes! We're back! Within the next few days, all our links will be updated, and you'll find lots of new stuff on our sources-site. Also, a link to an id-software- mirror will be added. Till then, look here.

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