Last UpDate Dec 5th, 1999

Dec 5th, 1999
Quake 3 Demo Patch
maf-soft released a patch to make the q3ademo out of the q3demoTest. It's only 7 Megs. download-site
Nov 15th, 1999
Quake 3 Demo TEST
id released this night the TEST of the q3demo. If you want to download, you got to know this:
This is a demo test. It is not a demo. This test may only be distributed electronically. Physical media (e.g. CD-ROM's, floppies, etc.) redistribution of the demo test is prohibited. Refer to the End User License Agreement for further details.

News-Server moved
Our News-Server can now be found at, Port 20119.
Nov 8th, 1999
Cool patches
Alex[CE] built two very cool patches for UT demo and Q3Test. q3t can be patched from version 1.06 to 1.08 with a mere three Megs patch (instead of a d/l of 30 Megs), and UTDemo338cPatch.exe can be patches to UTDemoPatch348 with only 4.8 Megs. Visit his homepage for the patches.
Septembre 22nd, 1999
Firestorm installed a news server for members AND the public.
Address is, Port 20119
The following groups are public:
Septembre 11th, 1999
Q3Test 1.06 -> 1.08 Minipatch
MAF-Soft- founder and CE-Member alex has built a patch from Q3test 1.06 to version 1.08 that's only 3 Megs. Go to download-site
August 21st, 1999
Welcome, Merlin!
Merlin joined us yesterday and is member #17. All members
August 17th, 1999
Welcome, Django!
Django joined us today and is member #16. All members
August 04, 1999
q3test 1.08
Version 1.08 is out and here.
July 21, 1999
q3test 1.07 patch
The 1.6 MB patch from V1.06 to V1.07 can be found here.
July 20, 1999
New Member: Asgard
And again... another new member: Asgard! (Full list of members)
July 19th, 1999
q3test 1.06 mirror
We now provide the Quake 3 Arena Test 1.06 Win32 - version - here.
July 8th, 1999
New home
Check Dis! We can now be reached at! That's much better than typing all this stuff, isn't it?
Sources updated
Our sources now provide the 2.5 Server- DLL for the Jailbreak- Mod.
June 2nd, 1999
New members - again ;-)
Tadaaa! Caveman and Bibi decided to wear the [CE] badget! Welcome to the clan! List of all members
Maps added
Our sources section now offers links to three map packs that our members (and opponents, too) should have.

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